Work At Least 11% Faster

MT-Qualifier improves translation productivity and profitability by improving translation speed. When using qualified machine translation professional translators can allocate their scarcest resources (ie. time) only on the most challenging parts of the material. Faster translation process means also faster delivery and satisfied customers.

Well-Planned Automation Saves Your Time

MT-Qualifier finds the best available translation among several widely used machine translation engines. The selection process is 100% automated using new, innovative and advanced technologies.

The most critical thing is that the selection is made separately for each segment. This ensures the highest machine translation quality for the entire text. It is not enough that some parts of the text are translated well if the others make no sense!

The problem with raw machine translation is that the quality is not constant; some sentences may be OK while other can be really bad. This is why working with raw machine translation can slow down translators’ working.

Qualified machine translation does not have this problem. MT-Qualifier brings only the best translations for post-editing. If there isn’t good enough translation available, you won’t get the second-best choice. Then the segment is left untouched and you simply translate it from scratch.

Translating + Post-editing = Efficient Translation Process

Working with MT-Qualifier is basically a combination of both translation, proofreading and post-editing. The basic process goes like this:

  • MT-Qualifier creates a TMX (or format of your choice) file which contains only the best available translations.
  • You open the file with your own translation tool to include the qualified translations to your project.
  • Then you just post-edit the qualified machine translated segments.
  • If there was not good enough translation available for a segment, you will translate it from scratch.

It really is that easy and simple for translators to work with MT-Qualifier. Post-editing qualified machine translation only takes a small fraction of the time that translating the same text would take. This way it is possible to allocate less time on those segments that can be translated automatically and concentrate more on the challenging segments.

Verified Increase in Productivity

Based on our research, with qualified machine translation translators can translate on average 11-50% faster. This result is verified by many translation professionals who have tested MT-Qualifier with their own material. The ability to work faster brings several benefits, including increase in profit and productivity. The increase in productivity is most remarkable for those translators who are comfortable when translating, proofreading and post-editing are combined within the same project.

Free Testing

Like every tool and new piece of innovation, qualified MT isn’t the solution to everyone. MT-Qualifier brings new kind of efficiency in your work, if

  • you want to translate more than 11% faster
  • you feel comfortable of mixing translating and post-editing actions
  • you look for ways to optimize your machine translation development processes
  • you want to increase your productivity and profitability

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