Benefits of using qualified machine translation

Qualified machine translation and quality estimates can ease our lives in many ways. Currently we have API available for every translation applications and widgets. Here are some ideas about how MT-Qualifier could be used in different situations:

Benefit A: Get best machine translation

Like you probably know, there are very many machine translators available. Some of them are very popular and others less known, but what they all have in common is that none of them is suitable for every case. The translation quality can vary a lot not only between different machine translation engines but also between situations and even sentences.

Benefit B: Cut translation costs

Most translation and language service providers (LSPs) and freelance translators have a huge pressure to deliver high-quality translations more and more efficiently, faster and, most of all, at a lower price. When the competition is harsh and the (low) price is the most important thing to customers, costs have to come down.

Benefit C: Improve quote making and planning

The translation industry includes a lot of quote making and resource allocating. Accurate and proper quotes are important for a profitable language service provider. Any business will suffer if the margins sink due to unrealistically low quotes. Unexpected delays and too close due dates are very expensive.

Benefit D: Bargain the best price for your translation job

A common dilemma between a translator and his customer is the difficulty level of a text. The customers do not want to become tricked by translation service providers. The fear of paying too much is so severe it can lead to unpleasant and repeated conversations.

Benefit E: Write text that machine can translate best

Machine translation is by far the cheapest way to get something translated. Nonetheless, the challenge with automatic translations is to learn how to write text in a way taht it is most translatable. In other words this means that it is possible to write text that machine translators can translate with high quality.

Benefit F: Improve your own machine translator

Machine translation is a big business. The potential savings on translation costs as well as the increasing amount of machine translation users have encouraged people to develop their own translation memories and machine translators. Unfortunately, all the insufficient and nonexistent quality evaluation methods have been limiting the machine translation development. Current evaluation methods require so much human work that they are mostly too inefficient to enable real improvement.

Benefit G: Check the credibility of automatic translation

Mostly machine translations are used to translate foreign texts into reader’s native language. Often the reader does not understand the original text at all. So the problem is that he cannot be sure if the automatic translation is correct or not.