Unlimited Application Opportunities

Using qualified machine translations (instead of raw machine translations) in translators tools saves time and makes translating more effective. When post-editing machine translations, editing bad machine translations is very time-consuming. Qualified machine translations are better than raw machine translations and therefore easier to edit. It is also possible to detect very bad translations and altogether leave them out of the post-editing process. This makes post-editing even more efficient.

Sometimes machine translations are published as-is, without proofreading or post-editing. It makes sense to use as good machine translations as possible. Qualified machine translations are far better than raw machine translations.

When starting a translation project, it is important to have an understanding of both the difficulty and the amount of the text-to-be-translated. This is beneficial for both the buyer and the vendor. For example, vendor can quote lower price if the text-to-be-translated is easy. When the buyer has an understanding of the difficulty of text-to-be-translated, he has a more realistic understanding of the translation cost.

With the API it is possible to integrate qualified machine translations to practically every software. The API is very simple to use.

Please contact Multilizer sales at sales@multilizer.com (or +358-9-2515 100) to start using or testing the qualified machine translation.