Be a Wiser Translation Buyer

You can save 15%¬†on average of your translation costs while you continue working with your current translation vendor. The translation quality will remain exactly the same as before, just with lower cost. This can be achieved by reducing the translators’ work in a very clever way!

MT-Qualifier is a technology developed  for automatically detecting when machine translation is working reliably. Proofreading and editing machine translations is effective only when the machine translation quality is good enough. Otherwise it is a waste of time. MT-Qualifier is able to tell when machine translation is good enough for post-editing.


Save Money

Using MT-Qualifier decreases the translation costs. Almost 70 % of professional translators are ready to offer lower price per word when MT-Qualifier is used.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

MT-Quality evaluates and selects the best available machine translation automatically. The research shows how the overall quality is higher with MT-Qualifier when compared to raw machine translation. Over 60% of translations selected by MT-Qualifier deliver the core messages correctly. Raw machine translation contains significantly more crucial errors that have an effect on the understanding.


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