Only Reliable and Inexpensive Translation Will Make a Difference

Only 1% of current translation needs are filled with traditional capacity of professional translation, due to cost and time constraints.

The machine translation is a fast and cheap solution but the quality of e.g. Google and Bing translations is both relatively low and, above all, unknown to users. MT-Qualifier provides qualified translations for the traditional translation industry but also for those who need to translate web pages, blogs and other content with reasonable pricing.

The solution is aimed at the segment where translation business is already growing fastest, for those that earlier did not translate at all but due to expansion of internet have become more and more interested in providing content in foreign languages.

Knowledge Is Power

Translation is a key to fair knowledge availability.Although globalization is a strong trend, more and more information is shared in one’s own language. Today, when knowledge is power, information poverty is defined as a real issue. It is estimated that even 80% of the premature deaths in the developing world are caused by the lack of information. The problem is not only related to the availability of the information.  Unfortunately the widely available online information is totally useless when language barriers exist.

MT-Qualifier’s fast and reliable translations give people around the world access to the information they need. This is good news to everyone who wants to share their knowledge efficiently. A blogger gets more readers. An informant gets a wider and faster spread to his information. A marketer gets more customers. And so on.

Did you know that only 15% of online shoppers buy things in foreign language? While English the most popular ‘second best’ shopping language after one’s native language, it is also the most competitive one. MT-Qualifier helps marketers to enter those non-English markets which are less competitive.

Machine translation is being underused

Only a tip of the iceberg is being translated by professional translators.Professional translators are often sceptical towards machine translation and its quality, and they have a point. It’s going to be a long road before raw machine translation reaches the quality of a professional translation. Some people even say that it isn’t going to happen ever. Whatever will happen we don’t actually even need any error-free machine translation. Sometimes good enough will be enough.

However, the fact is that only 0.5 % of the needed material is being translated today. This is a tiny tip of the iceberg. Google has recently told that their system translates in a single day as much as all the professional human translators in the world can translate in a year.  We would need 300 times more professional translators to be able to translate it all by man. But even that wouldn’t solve the problem.

Machine translation is the only way to achieve desired volumes with required speed and cost. With raw machine translation only the quality is an issue. Today traditional machine translators reach on average the quality level where 60-70% of machine translations are correct. In addition the consistence of the quality is poor. Some machine translator may produce very good quality in certain situation with certain material and with certain language pairs, but the difficulty comes with choosing the ‘right’ translator for your situation.

The uncertainty around the possibility of having absolutely awful machine translation is limiting the use of machine translation. The rest of the iceberg will need better solution than raw machine translation. MT-Qualifier gives you the best available machine translation. This kind of qualified machine translation beats any raw machine translation making the good enough quality available easily.

MT-Qualifier Helps in Many Ways

When you know that you have the best available machine translation and you see the estimated translation quality score, there are several options:

  • You can choose to use the best of many machine translations with confidence.
  • You can choose to improve the translation quality by editing those parts of the original text which have lower score.
  • You can choose to hire a professional translator to fix the incorrect translations.
  • If you are working as a translator, you can choose to estimate the difficulty of the material before writing translation quotes for clients.
  • Sky is the limit.


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