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Find the Best Machine Translator for Your Needs

Qualified machine translation enables comparing machine translation services automatically. There are many types of machine translation services available. The machine translation quality differs remarkably between languages, machines, subjects and text types. The automatic translation can be good, bad or anything between.

By choosing the correct machine translator for the case, you’ll make sure that the translation process is fast and efficient. Statistics and user feedback show that on average translation project will benefit of speed increase of 11–50%. When the quality is known, translators and project managers can allocate resources between translating new and post-editing for good quality translations.

This speed increase is revolutionary and will change the fundamentals of translation industry. MT-Qualifier provides best available translation from different sources and calculates the quality level separately for each machine. No more guessing the machine translation quality!

How Qualified Machine Translation works:

  1. The user sends text to MT-Qualifier
  2. MT-Qualifier uses various machine translation engines to find the best translation quality for each segment.
  3. MT-Qualifier estimates the overall translation quality.
  4. The user gets the Machine Translation Quality Report.


Watch how qualified machine translation speeds up the translation process:

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